Monday, September 27, 2010

Done, and Done?

Done with the writing all together. Inspiration isn't there. Writing (for me at least) requires a loose grip on reality, and I'm so grounded that it's an effort to let go. Perhaps it is for this very reason that I should be writing.

Creative focus has shifted to cooking. Would consider culinary school (pastry school actually) if it didn't cost so much. And lead to a job with long hours.

Have started the school thing. Was nervous at first, but am in the groove now. Am sad about getting  back into debt. Must think of it as an investment.

An ex-coworker was killed a week ago while riding his shiny new motorcycle on the West Side Highway. He was 27. I worked with him. He was brilliant and it was an absolute tragedy. Perhaps its unfair to blame the motorcycle, but I keep thinking that if he was not on it, he'd be alive today. I think about his poor family and wonder if I can keep my own child protected forever.

Perhaps I'm not done with the writing all together. But it's not something I make the time for anymore. It's 1am on a Sunday and the house is asleep. I should be getting back to these matrix equations. They are not going to solve themselves.

Perhaps the next snippet will be in a month or two. Don't hold your breath.